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The PACE Parent Group (PPG) was officially founded in 2001. The effort began in 1996 as the "PACE PhoneBank," which sought to raise funds to support PACE, and later transitioned to the PACE Scholarship Fund and the PACE Parent Advisory Committee. It now functions as one group, PACE Parent Group, a non-profit board consisting of parent volunteers who raise and manage donations in order to provide additional support to the PACE academic and scholarship programs.

Over the years, PPG has provided financial support for numerous educational needs including, but not limited to, mobile computer labs, classroom aides, AP preparation and tutoring, supplemental teaching materials, teacher training and conferences, and field trips. Each year PPG awards at least 10 scholarships to college-bound PACE seniors.


The PACE program relies on the generous support of its families, friends, alumni, and community. All donations are tax-deductible and benefit current PACE students and the program overall. You can make a donation on our website or by mail to continue PACE’s commitment to excellence in education.

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